Cassava Flour Market Report (2020-2026)- Business Plan Strategy, New Solutions, Key Segments, Potential Targets And Recommendations

Cassava flour is gaining worldwide recognition as an alternative for wheat flour and other gluten-based flours. It contains more calories in comparison to other flours. Cassava flour is considered as a rich source of starch, which is the main source for carbohydrates and dietary fibers. In the global flour market, the demand for cassava flour is high, owing to its very less content of gluten in comparison to other varieties of flours.

In the global cassava flour market, demand is mostly from North America and Asia Pacific. The Asia Pacific region is also the world’s largest producer of cassava flour. Due to an increase in the demand of cassava flour, it is anticipated that there would be higher returns for investors on cassava flour in the near future.

Growing Demand for Cassava Flour in Food and Feed Industries

In the global flour market, the demand for cassava flour is increasing for household purposes, owing to its higher nutritional content. Cassava flour is enriched with calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorous, iron, and other ingredients. Along with mineral content, cassava flour is a rich source of various vitamins such as vitamin A, and vitamin C in a large amount. Due to the proven health benefits of vitamin C, it is good for the skin and hair, and also helps boost the immune system, which has led to an increase in the consumption of cassava flour. The demand for cassava flour is increasing at a good growth rate in the food industry and also in the feed industry. In the food industry, the demand for cassava flour is increasing as a significant gluten-less and nutritional rich ingredient, owing to the increasing consumption of healthy food products. Cassava flour is also used as a sweetener in many processed food products. In addition, cassava flour is used in bakeries and confectionaries. In bakery, cassava flour is widely mixed with wheat flour in different concentrations, which enhances the nutritional content of bakery products. Cassava flour is also considered to be a prominent food security source in dry and arid locations, attributable to the ability of the cassava plant to develop in the much less water containing regions.

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Global Cassava Flour Market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global cassava flour market are Otto’s Naturals, Healthy Foods, American Key Food Products, Mhogo Foods, Mohan Exports (India) Pvt. Ltd, Dadtco Philafrica B.V., Woodland Foods, Tapioca Vietnam, Vaighai Agro, Psaltry International Limited, and others. More food companies are showing keen interest in using cassava flour in their production line, and this is expected to increase its demand in the near future.

Opportunities for Market Participants

In the global cassava flour market, the demand for cassava flour is increasing for food and bakery products, owing to it being less in gluten. The increase in the demand for processed food leads to more investment and establishment of new food industries who are focusing on producing gluten-free products. These companies are using cassava flour as a replacement for gluten-based flours in their products to fulfill the demand from health conscious customers. Cassava flour is also considered as the third-most important source of energy in the tropics, which generates an opportunity to fulfill the demand.

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Global Cassava Flour Market: Regional Outlook

Asia Pacific is the highest producer of cassava flour, and companies such as Mohan Exports (India) Pvt. Ltd, Tapioca Vietnam, Vaighai Agro, etc., are situated where it can be anticipated that the demand for cassava flour will increase during the forecast period. North America is expected to witness a robust growth rate, owing to many global key players of different sectors in the region. Increasing awareness and urbanization in Middle Eastern and African countries is expected to increase the consumption of raw processed food and the establishment of food companies during the forecast period. In addition, the demand for cassava flour is increasing in the European region too, owing to its increasing consumption of processed food.

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