Li Auto Electric Car Registers a Decrease in Deliveries in January

Going by the cars that Li Auto made for the Li One SUVs in January, it decreased compared to the December figure. In December, the figure was 6126, but it dropped to 5379 in January. It seems that the case is different from its start-up counterparts. That explains why it came third after Xpeng and Nio. Whereas Li Auto delivered 5379 Li One SUVs, Nio’s figure stood at 7,225. On the other hand, January’s deliveries for Xpeng were 6,015.

In an announcement, Li Auto expressed its plan to set up a new research and development center. They settled for Shanghai for this R&D center. It will be about technologies revolving around electric vehicles such as autonomous driving.

Nothing seemed to be in favor of Li Auto since even its share fell. It was down to 5.7% and worst of all the highest fall among its competitors. As for Xpeng, the drop was 4.6%, and Neo registered a fall of 2.1%. Therefore, all the three were losers in this context, but Li Auto was hit the hardest. Interestingly, their counterpart Tesla had a reason to smile since its share rose by 3.9%.

With the entrance of Tesla into the high-end electric SUVs Chinese market, the competition just got fiercer. What does it mean for Li Auto and Nio, given that Tesla will soon start delivering its Model Y electric cars? Interestingly, the price won’t be much different from what the two companies are offering their customers. It is important to note that in the last months of last year, Tesla made 180,570 electric car deliveries globally. Therefore, the impact is evident, and all that’s left to find out is how hard it will shift this market.

According to China’s Passenger Car Association, Li One SUV was doing quite well in 2020. It was on top of the best-selling list of high-end electric SUV that year. It was also among the top 10 best high-end SUVs that same year. Being the first for this company, that’s quite a remarkable reception into the market.

However, the grand reception doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, it has a fuel tank that charges the car battery. Consequently, the driving range increases to 800 kilometers. Without the fuel tank, the driving range would be less by 620 kilometers, and that’s a big difference, no doubt.

Generally, Li One SUVs are not doing badly off other than the recent drop this January. January last year, the deliveries were even lower since 5379 is a four-fold increase of that. So far, Li Auto has made 38900 deliveries since it came into existence in December 2019.